"We Are Black Excellence"

Black Pride Colorado, is a reminder that Pride started as & continues to be an act of resistance

About us

How We Began...

Black Pride Colorado, a program through YouthSeen, was created to celebrate, liberate and engage our Black LGBTQIA2+ community by building resilience, honor and preserving our history and culture.

It is through our fellowship and gatherings that we provide aid, dismantle the oppressive ideals behind mental health and wellness, community engagement, and to showcase where we thrive and create in arts and culture. 

Co-Founders Dr. Tara Jae & Tyrell "Miss Zarah" Rae

About YouthSeen...

YouthSeen, envisions a society where young people are empowered as individuals to access non-judgmental and unbiased treatment in every aspect of their lives. We encourage the creative creation of a community that celebrates everyone’s worth, diverse characteristics and dignity.


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