"We Are Black Excellence"

Black Pride Colorado, is a reminder that Pride started as & continues to be an act of resistance

About us

How We Began...

Black Pride Colorado, a sponsored program through YouthSeen, was created to celebrate, liberate and engage our Black LGBTQIA+ folx across our state. The focus of our programming is to acknowledge, uplift and empower our Black LGBTQ community.

Black Pride Colorado, was not created to divide our communities, but in fact to build our resiliency, honor and preserve our history and culture, while engaging in our joy and love as Black LGBTQ people. 


Co-Founders Dr. Tara Jae & Tyrell "Miss Zarah" Rae

About YouthSeen...

Youth Seen envisions a society where young people are empowered as individuals to access non-judgmental and unbiased treatment in every aspect of their lives. We encourage the creative creation of a community that celebrates everyone’s worth, diverse characteristics and dignity.

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