The Black Fantasy Week

Black Pride Colorado & Juiccy007 Present:

The Third Annual Black Fantasy Week & 007 Ball

Saturday, September 30
Asterisk Denver | 1075 Park Ave. W, Denver CO 80205
DJ Spiider & Paris Da Commentator

Calling all 007’s and new ballroom folks to the floor! For the 3rd year of our Black Fantasy Week, we have collaborated with house leaders and ballroom alliances all over the USA to come check out the talent in The Mile High City. 

Judges from the Houses of: Maison-Margiela, Escada, Saint Laurent, West, Gorgeous Gucci, Lanvin, Miyake-Mugler, Milan, and OTHERS will be present.


Tickets: $25 General Admission online pre-sale, $30 at the door after 10 p.m. General Admission Ticket includes standing room only and access to the cash bar and snacks

 House Tables (available with promo code): $100. House Table tickets include a table with seating for up to 8 guests, bottle of champagne to go, snack platter for the table, swag bags for each guest, and access to the cash bar. 

Community/Corporate Tables: $250. Corporate tables include a table with seating for up to 8 guests, 2 drink tickets per guest, snack platter for the table, exclusive Black Pride Colorado swag bags for each guest, and access to the cash bar.



FF- She’s one Foxy Mamma Mamma: Bring it in a Pam Grier AKA “Jackie Brown” inspired look and assassinate the floor.

MF- Agents of Ballroom: Bring it in a concealed “Face Covering” effect with either “007” or your “House” name represented in some way. Reveal yourself and murder the floor.

$1000 OTA Face (5 trophies; 1 cash prize)

Women’s, BQ, FQ, Drags, GNC: Secret agents are typically in signature BLACK ensembles. For tonight’s ball, Pastel COLORS are a must. Bring it with the most NATURAL face… with an accent of a pastel color. Then, of course to tie it all in, bring it in a BRIGHT, Pastel colored suit to match. Come to the floor with that FACE card that never declines

$500 Bizarre

Bring it in your interpretation of an “evil villain” from a secret agent movie; something we would recognize.

$500 OTA Sex Siren

You are the “Agents of Blaq” … Peel out of your “Men in Black” inspired look. Show the judges how sexy you really are… Must “reveal” from sexy… to even sexier.

$250 FF Runway

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? Carmen has been tasked dot track down crooks from the V.I.L.E. Organization who have stolen famous works from around the world. Bring it in an OVAH representation of Carmen and pump the runway. (Does not have to be red, but does need to be fashionable)

$250 Transman Realness

In a James Bond inspired suit, in a color of your choice

$250 BQ European Runway

Marvel has had several superheroes in it’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., pick your favorite and bring them to a fashionable life on the runway.

$250 Pageant Representation

In your best head to toe pageant glamour.

$250 Hand Performance

Bring it in all black with a glove that makes a statement.

$250 Legendary Realness - Just bring it

Commentator VS Commentator - Must use the phrase "007" and "secret agent" in an original chant.

virgin runway - in all white

Virgin vogue - in all white

Virgin FAce - In all white

MF Body - Bring it in a creative swimwear!

FF Body - Bring it in a creative swimwear!

Just Bring it!!

  • Best Dressed (3 trophies: MF, FF, GNC)
  • Sneaker VS Sneaker
  • All American Runway
  • Pretty Boy Realness
  • Thug Realness
  • Schoolboy
  • Everyday
  • Executive
  • FQ Realness
  • Drags Realness