The Black Fantasy Ball

Black fantasy ball: P VALLEY EDITION
October.1. 2022
Doors open at 9pm | lss 10pm
mcnichols civic center building
tickets go on sale now!

order of categories

Bring it like the new girl on the block, just like Big Bone, in a look that incorporates her signature pink hair. Strut your stuff and show us why you belong at da Pynk.

It's audition day at da Pynk, so bring it in a training pump and show us your best.

FACE - 6 Trophies, $300 Cash Prize

Women’s Face
You are luminescent - bring it with a light.

FQ Face
The magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi, so bring us that mug like the flower it is, incorporating flower petals.

GNC Face
Inspired by the gender non-conforming icon Uncle Clifford, blur the lines of gender expression in your best genderfuck face incorporating glitter.

Drags Face
When it comes to southern drag, you paint for heavens. Bring us that face with your version of a classic beehive hairdo, because the bigger the hair the closer to God.

BQ Face
You're the pretty boys ain't necessarily the good boys on the block, they either manage to heal good or they just get some work did. Bring it bandaged, but make sure we can see dat face boy.

FOOT & EYEWEAR - 1 Trophy, $300 Cash Prize
You never know when Tina Snow might pop up in da Pynk, and you wanna make a good impression. Bring it in fab shoe with a unique pair of shades. Just remember, it's dark in da club so make sure we can see you.

STREET WEAR (urban) - 1 Trophy
Bring it to the block incorporating bandanas, and rep yo set.

BEST DRESSED - 1 Trophy, $150 Cash Prize
Down in the Valley, bring it like Pastor Patrice Woodbine in your Sunday Best, with a good ole matching glove.

BODY - 8 Trophies, $300 Cash Prize

BQ Body (muscular)
Bring it in neon purple

BQ Body (model)
Bring it in neon yellow

BQ Body (big boy)
Bring it in neon fuchsia

FQ Body (models)
Bring it in neon green

FQ Body (luscious)
Bring it in neon pynk

Women's Body (models)
Bring it in neon orange

Women's Body (lucious)
Bring it in neon blue

RUNWAY - 6 Trophies, $300 Cash Prize

FF Runway (Women's)
Bring it in a fab garment with an ovah bag.

FF Runway (Drags)
Bring it in an fab garment with an ovah hat.

FF Runway (Fem Queen)
Bring it like the ice queen herself, Tina Snow, in an icy white garment that'll leave everyone's lips blue with ovahness.

OTA Runway (All-American)
Bring it like Woddy, the angel of death, in an ovah all black ensemble with gold accents.

BQ Runway (European)
Butchqueenery ensues during the Uncle Clifford's surprise birthday party, so let's see you carry in a mauve head-to-toe with a touch of hot pynk.

BIZARRE - 1 Trophy, $300 Cash Prize It's some thangs in da club dat even hand sanitizer can't kill. With Toy sneezing all ova da place, y'all bet not forget to wipe down dat pole. Bring it in your most bizarre bacteria inspired head-to-toe lewk, and make errrbody in the room wanna wipe da walls down wit bleach.

It's a showgirl's world, so tell us whatchu been thru witcho hands, in stunting shimmering gloves.

REALNESS - 9 Trophies

Pretty Boy Realness
Brang it in a cute pair of overalls and show us that sometimes the down home boys is sometimes the cutest.

School Boy Realness
Mississippi Valley State University is a public historically Black university, so bring it like a Renaissance man in your version of a letterman jacket. Congrats grad!

School Girl Realness
Bring it like one of Terricka's classmates, in a high pony, excited to get up out Chucaleesa so you can pledge your favorite historically black sorority.

OTA Executive Realness
Bring it like you're one of Mercedes' billionaire clients. You own EVERYTHING!

BQ Thug Realness
Bring it like Lil Murda, and don't forget yo grill.

Fem Queen Realness
Calpurnia been doin da gworls' faces for years, and now she thinks its her time to take on some of Roulette's clients. Bring it with them tits up, and make us know it.

Drags Realness
Da gworls have been askin if you been on mones cause you just oozin puss. If you ain't touched a mone in yo life then this category is for you, because you almost got put on that pole miss thing.

Transman Realness
You might be replacing Big L if he don't get his shit together. Bring it with a holster and cowboy hat to show us how bout-it you is.

Stud Realness
Studs hold it down in the VIP fa da gworls, and have a ho back if sumn pop off. Brang it in camo just in case you gotta lay low.

REALNESS WITH A TWIST- 1 Trophy, $150 Cash Prize
Bring it in your realness look, and break that wrist voguing with a twist. Must get 10s in MF Realness to Walk.

TAG-TEAM VF PERFORMANCE - 1 Trophy, $300 Cash Prize
Welcome to the stage Whisper & Roulette, giving very much good angel (in blue) and bad angel (in red). They represent opposite sides of da Pynk's consciousness, but they also best judies. Both dancers must get they 10s to battle. Tap in!

SEX SIREN - 5 Trophies, $1000 Grand Prize

MF Sex Siren
Bring it like Diamond, the bouncer ovah at The Pynk, in a sexy all black ensemble that will have errrbody in da club thirsting.

FF Sex Siren
Bring it like Miss Mississippi, the crown jewel of The Pynk
Bring it in a sexy Pastel Purple Ensemble
Bring it in a sexy Pastel Blue Ensemble
(Fem Queen)
Bring it in a sexy Pastel Pynk Ensemble

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